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Ice House Flats
welcomes people to learn about the natural, historic and cultural gifts of the Flats region in Phillipsburg, NJ,

...the beginning of the rails to trails that weave throughout town.

Many of us were disappointed with the ultimate outcome of the Agway property. With the loss of local history, it's time to act and recognize the natural beauty of the area around the Greens Bridge. 

A small group of people worked hard to create a plan that could serve the regional community using all volunteer time and resources and support efforts to improve the "...gateway to our town". 

Check back next month to see how to participate in the plans for the area. 

Community, Crossroads, Opportunity



Ice House Flats is a place for visitors of Phillipsburg to spend time either in solitude reading, walking the dog or with families. This historic location provides an ecological, educational center available for festivals, movies, concerts, and civic events or just being you.   


Phillipsburg rests on the banks of the Delaware River across the water from Easton, Pennsylvania. On the New Jersey side, our town is at the center of two byways, with access to natural resources, entertainment, social services, and educational opportunities.



Economic growth is well underway in Phillipsburg with the designation of the Opportunity Zone and the effort on the Riverfront. Approaching town on South Main Street, Ice House Flats, framed by Green Bridge, is the entrance to a place of peaceful reflection and low-cost entertainment. 



Ice House Flats is a Phillipsburg, New Jersey-based 501(c)3 organization, dedicated to preserving the history of the Phillipsburg Flats area nestled against the bank of the Morris Canal. We provide a sustainable, environmental clean space utilizing the existing structures dating back to the turn of the previous century. Using adaptive reuse for the existing structures with grounds for dog parks, walking trails and gardening, the organization creates outreach programs associated with an educational core curriculum, Sponsoring open-air festivals, performing arts and music, movies revitalizing our town benefitting the local community with a low-cost entertainment alternative.



OFFICE:​ Phillipsburg, NJ  08865


ICE HOUSE FLATS: 1116 South Main Street

Phillipsburg, NJ  08865

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