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Site Plans

Our Board of Trustees has arrived in this place and time in history by accident. It was a casual conversation and then another that brought the group together all recognizing the potential of the old Ice House.  We approached Lenny, and he was already thinking of how to put this unique property to good use that would benefit the whole community. With the group formed, we set about learning how to make the dream a reality. For all of those that offered a helping hand along the way, Listed below are the plans that we proposed to bring this area of town back into use to help the community. Thank you.

IceHouse Siteplan.png
1907 IceHouseSanborn.jpg

Ice House represented in a map produced by the Sanborn Map Company, the oldest mapping company in the United States. Founded in 1866, the company created detailed building maps of Phillipsburg, New Jersey, and towns all across the country, primarily for use by insurance companies. Genealogists, local history buffs, city planners, architects, and countless others have appreciated the quality of detail found in them.

Ice House Flats 1903


Ice House Flats 1895 and surrounding area - Sanborn Map

PhillipsburgCanal 1827.jpg

Phillipsburg Canal 1827​

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