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After many years of being unoccupied, Mother Nature has started the process of reclamation of the Ice House. Our job, as stewards of the area, is to bring the property back to a place where it can be enjoyed by everyone in the community. 

Cocktail Party

In order to make the area accessible and fun, we need to raise monies for electricity, modern facilities and bring potable water to the site. Funds are needed for the rental equipment used in the clean-up, food, and water for the volunteers and security as necessary.  

Stadium Concert

Enhancing the quality of life for the people of Phillipsburg and the surrounding areas is the primary goal of the Ice House Flats. We are planning on festivals, movies, concerts, and community events.  

Home Gardening

Available to community residents; Sow a community garden to save money on produce, eat better, and build relationships with neighbors.

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